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Digital display Lamian Noodles basin tap
Digital temperature display, pull-out, lifting,......
Digital induction pull kitchen faucet
Digital temperature display, sensing water.......
Colorful digital display four function
Hydraulic generator digital display screen, four......
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Provide customers with high-quality faucet products
          Austler Bathroom is a company that specializes in independent research and production. We are committed to producing pull-out faucets, including basin faucets, kitchen faucets, and shower showers, and sell them to both domestic and international markets.
Years of production experience
Years of production experience, with products spanning multiple industries and covering multiple Industrial city, winning the praise of customers
Provide product processing solutions for customers
Help customers provide product processing solutions, our technical guidance Our faucets are sold both domestically and internationally
Full range of professional production lines
A full range of professional production and measurement high-end equipment, and development and design for customers
Product advantages
Heavy quality and high quality
Company dynamics
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Recommendation for new product basin faucets and kitchen faucets
What are the commonly used faucets for household bathrooms
The benefits of using a pull-out faucet
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AddressBuilding 7, Nacheng Guangtai Bathroom Valley, Shuikou Town,  
                Kaiping City, Guangdong Province
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Address:Building 7, Nacheng Guangtai Bathroom Valley, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province
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